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Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Hiroshima Grey Ghost '90

€ 17.950€ 14.950
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy  Hiroshima Grey Ghost '90 (1990)

Reference ch4242
Make Harley-Davidson
Model Fat Boy Hiroshima Grey Ghost '90
Type moto
Construction year 1990
KM 29845
Cilinder displacement 1340
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
Price € 14.950


Few people know the story of the first silver Fatboy edition. Also called "Grey Ghost" or "Hiroshima". In 1989, the Suzuki Intruder and Honda Shadow were introduced in America. Harley wanted to respond to this Japanese invasion with a new model designed by Willy G. Davidson. With Pearle Harbor in mind, Harley "threw a bomb on the competition with this bike" in 1990. The name Fatboy is a contraction of the atomic bombs called "Fatman" and "LittleBoy", which were dropped on Nasaki and Hiroshima. The name of the engine was not intended to trigger a riot, but rather to refer to an event in history. The emblem of the fatboy's tank closely resembles the symbol of the U.S.A.F. The wheels are very similar to those of the B-29 superfortress bombers; the planes carrying the two atomic bombs. Hiroshima: August 6, 1945: Paul Tibbets flies the Little Boy uranium bomb aboard the B-29 "Enola Gay" bomb in Hiroshima and drops the bomb 9500 m above the city. The bomb has a force of 15,000 tons of TNT. Nagasaki: August 9, 1945: the B-29 "bockscar" bomber with Captain Charles Sweeney and with the Fat Man plutonium bomb embark en route to Kokura: an industrial city of war. Due to a lot of clouds, they deviate after three aborted calls to a second target: Nagasaki. On August 12, Emperor Hirohito decided to surrender. Harley Davidson made bomb cases during World War II. The bomb cases were silver and were painted with 7 striking yellow/gold rings: symbol for the 7 continents. The engine has seven yellow rings: 1 on the contact button, 1 on the primary inspection cover, 2 on the tank in the tank emblems, 2 on the cylinder heads, 1 on the primary cabinet cover. Soon after, several governments spoke out against Harley Davidson's gloomy design. The name Fatboy still exists, but the silver color and yellow rings were no longer allowed to be used. Harley stopped production of the silver Fatboy at a number of about 1400. The Grey Ghost was never officially introduced in Europe. This bike has become a real collector's item, especially because of the story this bike wants to tell: Don't play with Harley Davidson!!    

This motorcycle was delivered new to the United States where it had 2 owners shortly after the other in 1992, then it was brought to Belgium where it was supplied with a Belgian COC and registration documents, it has been in the hands of the current owner since 2008 and, completely in its original condition.

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