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Mercedes-Benz 600 w100 '70

€ 130.000

Reference ch1398
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 600 w100 '70
Type berline
Construction year 1970
KM 52942 km
Cilinder displacement 6332
Gears automatic
Steering left hand drive
Price € 130.000
  • Comes with a small dozen maintenance invoices
  • Original manual and booklets included
  • Ideally the car for the dignitary
  • The highest comfort, complemented by fantastic V8 power


The Mercedes-Benz 600, or according to the internal reference 'W100', was introduced to the market in 1963 as the absolute flagship of Mercedes-Benz. As the successor to the already modestly sized Mercedes-Benz 'Adenauer,' the 600 takes it a step further: it is larger, faster, more modern, considerably more luxurious, and equipped with more ingenuity. It also embodies Mercedes-Benz's slogan 'das Beste oder nichts' (the best or nothing), as there was simply nothing superior on the market.

It was clear that with the arrival of the W100, Mercedes-Benz aimed to compete with Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and all the top brands. It is not surprising that they succeeded with flying colors. Under the hood, there is a powerhouse: a specially developed 6.3-liter V8 engine for this model, propelling the luxury limousine to a hundred kilometers per hour in nine seconds, a remarkable feat for a car loaded with almost three thousand kilograms. Not only is there harmonious engine work, but the overall design also leaves nothing to chance: the 600 boasts its air suspension, giving it the feeling of riding on clouds. It features power steering, air conditioning, and central locking, which was unprecedented at the time. Inside, almost everything operates on hydraulics, from seat adjustment front and rear to the trunk lid; even the opening and closing of the doors are based on hydraulic principles.

Over the years, many well-known individuals owned one or more W100s: Eric Clapton, Hugh Hefner, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley even had three, and both Mao Zedong and the pope liked to appear in a W100. The 600 was also a photogenic Hollywood figure, garnering attention during its career and long after, appearing in numerous films, including some of the most famous James Bond films.

The Mercedes-Benz 600 remains popular, an iconic symbol. It was built in three variants: a four-door sedan, a four-door Pullman limousine where you could almost comfortably dine in the back due to the two facing two-seater benches, and a six-door limousine and a landaulet. Reportedly, only 59 landaulet examples were built out of a total production of approximately 2700 units.

The Mercedes-Benz 600 is unquestionably acclaimed and will continue to be. As a precursor to what is now Maybach, it has undoubtedly provided fantastic service and richly contributed to the history books.

Technical information:

Body work

  • Length (cm): 554 (218 inch)
  • Width (cm): 195 (77 inch)
  • Height (cm): 148 (58 inch)
  • Wheelbase (cm): 320 (126 inch)
  • Weight (kg): 2475 (5456 lbs)


  • Engine: 6332 cc V8 front-engine
  • Valve gear: 16
  • Fuel system: Bosch fuel injection system
  • Gear box: 4-speed automatic
  • Transmission: RWD
  • Left-steered
  • power: 250 hp (184 kW) at 4000 t/m
  • torque: 500 Nm at 4000 t/m
  • Top speed: 204 km/h (127 mph)

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