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Austin Healey 100/6 BN4 '58

€ 58.950

Reference ch6488
Make Austin Healey
Model 100/6 BN4 '58
Type cabrio
Construction year 1958
KM 41947 miles
Cilinder displacement 2639
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
Price € 58.950
  • With a concise photo reportage
  • The British roadster summit of the fifties
  • Hardly anything to fault both inside and out
  • Idyllic color scheme


The Austin-Healey 100/6 was introduced in the autumn of 1956 as the successor to the famous Austin-Healey 100/4, also the first model ever produced by Austin-Healey. The number 100 stood for the fact that the top speed of the 100 was almost exactly one hundred miles per hour. The 4, on the other hand, stood for the number of cylinders. With the arrival of the 100/6, the engine became slightly more powerful, and as the name suggests, there were six cylinders, again arranged in line.

Fitting a six-cylinder engine into the same frame where previously a four-cylinder resided was not easy. The car had to become larger, or space had to be freed up. It was chosen to lengthen the chassis a bit, stretch and lower the grille in width, and provide a 'hood scoop' from the first hour, which had the additional advantage of making the whole thing not unfairly look more sporty. For this reason, the 100/6 was sometimes seen on rally circuits. Even today, it is often used as a rally car.

Over the years, Austin-Healey, under BMC, occasionally updated the car, and they also released this British roadster in a four-seater variant, which is ideal for young families with children. The engine also became more powerful: from 102 hp to 117 hp, this was achieved through reworking the exhaust manifold and using a different cylinder head.

The last Austin-Healey 100/6 rolled off the production line in 1959 to be succeeded by the 3000, which, together with the 100/6 and the 100/4, is sometimes referred to as the 'Big Healeys'. Approximately fourteen thousand units were produced in total. Austin-Healeys are sought-after classic cars, and the 100/6 is no exception, quite the contrary. They are sought after by a very eclectic audience and they have something to offer to virtually everyone.

Technical information:

Body work

  • Length (cm): 400 (157 inch)
  • Width (cm): 154 (61 inch)
  • Height (cm): 125 (49 inch)
  • Wheelbase (cm): 234 (92 inch)
  • Weight (kg): 1124 (2478 lbs)


  • Engine: 2639 cc straight-six front-engine
  • Valve gear: 12
  • Fuel system: 2 SU carburettors
  • Gear box: 4-speed manual
  • Transmission: RWD
  • Left-steered
  • power: 117 hp (88 kW) at 4750 t/m
  • torque: 202 Nm at 4750 t/m
  • Top speed: 179 km/h (111 mph)

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