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Ferrari 328 GTS '89

€ 82.500

Reference ch9629
Make Ferrari
Model 328 GTS '89
Type cabrio
Construction year 1989
KM 73387
Cilinder displacement 3185
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
Price € 82.500
  • Post-update 328: ABS, concave rims, and a good air conditioning system
  • American vehicle
  • Comes with all manuals and maintenance booklet
  • Very fair price compared to the market offer


The Ferrari 328 was introduced in 1985 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was the successor to the Ferrari 308. According to Ferrari, the 308 and 328 are separate models, although many consider as being a family. The design extrudes Ferrari trademark and was done by Pininfarina. The engine specifications make adrenaline pump through the veins.

The 328’ V8 was naturally aspirated, also Ferrari’s last naturally aspirated V8-powered two-seater. The name is easy to decipher: the ‘32’ represents the engine capacity, which increased from 3.0 litres in the 308 to 3.2 litres in the 328. The ‘8’ represents the number of cylinders, forming a V. The engine capacity upgrade makes the engine produce 20 more hp - 270 hp - compared to its predecessor. These 270 hp make the car speed up to maximum 267 kilometres an hour (166 mph) and it accelerates from 0 km/h to 100 km/h (0-60 mph) in less than six seconds. These specifications made it one of the fastest cars available at the time, and it can still compete with modern sports cars.

The initial Pininfarina 308 design was slightly reworked, production remained with the Italian coachbuilder Scaglietti, which handcrafted the 328’s bodywork. The 328 ‘aerodynamicalised’, as that is what Ferrari wanted. The front bumper was rounder and the car’s suspension came closer to ground floor in order to minimalize air friction. The flying buttresses also provided more aerodynamics and connected the roof to the rear end.

The 328 was offered in two finishes. On the one hand, there was the GTS - or Gran Turismo Spider - a targa-bodied 328 with a removable top and a cockpit that protect the passengers even at high speeds. On the other hand, there was the GTB, which was a regular berlinetta boasting the same design, only the top was not removable. Production ended in 1989 and five times more 328 GTS’s were sold than 328 GTB’s. Also a turbo powered edition was designed and only available Italy as the taxes were astronomically high for sports cars with high-capacity engines

In 1988, an update was made, nothing was changed mechanically, as the initial design could not be improved. ABS was available as an option, new rims were designed, and the air conditioning system was improved. Small improvements were also made to the interior, the seats were more welcoming than before and they provided better side support, also a new steering wheel was designed.

Production of the 328 stopped in 1989. In total, approximately 6,000 GTS’s and approximately 1,200 GTB’s were manufactured. It was Enzo Ferrari’s last launched Ferrari before he died in 1988. For this reason - and the fact that this Ferrari is an exceedingly reliable car - demand for this car is very high. High demand results to high rates, this car is - and will be - a good investment one will never regret, besides that it is a breath-taking car with even more breath-taking performance.

Technical information:

Body work

  • Length (cm): 426 (168 inch)
  • Width (cm): 173 (68 inch)
  • Height (cm): 113 (44 inch)
  • Wheelbase (cm): 235 (93 inch)
  • Weight (kg): 1273 (2806 lbs)


  • Engine: 3185 cc transverse V8 back-engine
  • Valve gear: 32, DOHC
  • Fuel system: Bosch K-Jetronic
  • Gear box: 5-speed manual
  • Transmission: RWD
  • Left-steered
  • power: 270 hp (199 kW) at 7000 t/m
  • torque: 304 Nm at 5500 t/m
  • Top speed: 267 km/h (166 mph)
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