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MG B + Overdrive '67

MG B + Overdrive '67 (1967)

Reference ch2205
Make MG
Model B + Overdrive '67
Type cabrio
Construction year 1967
KM 94600 miles
Cilinder displacement 1798
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
  • Chrome wire wheels
  • Chrome bumpers
  • Very good condition
  • Many new parts
  • European car (no US import)!
  • Cheap entry ticket to the “Classic Car World”


The MGB was a little unusual when it was first released in 1963, unibody cars were still relatively uncommon with many manufacturers still using body-on-frame construction.

If anything the MGB unibody was over-engineered and proved strong enough in years to come to handle far bigger engines including straight-sixes and V8s without needing any bodywork strengthening.

Over the course of its 1963 to 1980 production run MG would build almost 500,000 examples of the MGB in both roadster and GT coupe form. Most were exported to the United States but many were sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and Europe.

The little roadster proved so popular that it was reborn in 1992 as the MG RV8 and sold until 1995. The RV8 was the car that many felt MG should have released in the late 1960s, it was powered by the alloy Rover V8, featured a 5-speed transmission, and it could do the 0-62 mph dash in just 5.9 seconds.


Today the surviving MGBs, of which there are many, are enjoying a surge in interest and popularity. They offer a very affordable entry into the world of classic car ownership with unparalleled access to spare parts and information.

MGBs are prized for their handling, and those that have had the popular Rover V8 conversion done are capable of embarrassing far more modern sports cars.


MGB 1967 GHN 3L 82205



Engine : 18GB – U – H 33465

First prefix 18 = 1800cc

Second prefix = GB = 5 bearing crank, closed circuit breathing, dynamo (all markets)

Third prefix : optional


Fourth prefix = U = 3 synchro centre gear change


Fifth prefix  = H = High compression

Remaining Digits Serial number = 33465



Vin : GHN 3L 82205

GHN3L = MGB ROADSTER 1962-1967

G = MG



3 = MK I 1962-1967

L = Left Hand Drive (NON USA)

Car nr 82205

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