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Dodge Sierra D500 Station Wagon '56

Dodge Sierra D500 Station Wagon '56 (1956)

Reference ch. 7634
Make Dodge
Model Sierra D500 Station Wagon '56
Type limousine
Construction year 1956
KM 81986 miles
Cilinder displacement 5200
Gears automatic
Steering left hand drive

The 1955 Dodge had what copywriters called "Flair Fashion" styling. Two- and even three-tone color schemes were used to make cars appear longer and lower. The interior wasn't neglected with two-tone upholstery and a full complement of round gauges grouped in front of the driver. The public loved it, and Dodge sales increased by more than 75 percent for the model year. Styling wasn't the only thing the new Dodge had going for it. Dodge got a V-8 in 1953, and for 1955 the engine grew from 241 to 270 cubic inches. Horsepower for V-8s ranged from 175 to 193. The fastest models could top 100 mph, with 0-60 in the 14-second range. Both were good for a medium-price 1950s sedan. Dodge's suspension was praised by the press. Motor Life said, "The Dodge sticks to the road like a flying bug on a windshield." The mix of performance and handling paid off with a good showing in the 1956 NASCAR season. Sierra Customs had chrome tailfins and a dipped beltline molding cribbed from the flashy Lancer models. A V-8 badge was added just below the dip. Not many Royal Sierra Customs were built. Specifications Bodywork Length: cm (in): 546 (215) Width: cm (in): 190 (74.6) Height: cm (in): 155 (61) Wheelbase: cm (in): 305 (120) Weight: kg (lb): 1683 (3710) Mechanics. Displacement: V8 5155 cc, (314 ci), front-mounted Valve gear: 16 Fuel system: 1 2-barrle Stromberg carburettor Gearbox: automaat Driven wheels: rear-wheel drive Maximum power: 218 hp at 4400 rpm Maximum torque: 419 Nm at 2000 rpm Maximum speed: 170 km/h (105 mph)

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