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Morgan + 8 injectie

Morgan + 8 injectie  (1989)

Make Morgan
Model + 8 injectie
Type cabrio
Construction year 1989
KM 77000
Cilinder displacement 3500
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive

(from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)  The Morgan Plus 8 is a sports car built by British car makers Morgan between 1968 and 2004. Its instant and enduring popularity has been credited with saving the company and keeping the company famous during the 36 years of its manufacture. Among Morgan enthusiasts, it is deeply associated with Peter Morgan, the owner-chairman behind its design. 
It was originally based on the chassis design of the Morgan Plus 4 to which it combined the Rover alloy block 3.5L V8, which had been purchased from GM-Buick in 1967. Chassis and wings were developed in stages to accommodate larger tyres to handle the power. The original 1968 Plus 8 was 57 inches (1,400 mm) wide and the last was 64 inches (1,600 mm) (with an optional "widebody" at 67 inches (1,700 mm))
To mark the 35th year of production of its Plus 8, MMC released a commemorative 'Anniversary Edition'. But due to the firm's long waiting list, most buyers probably didn't start receiving theirs until 2004 - when the model would be 36 years old! An embarrassed spokesman said: "We hadn't thought of that!" The car, of which only 185 will be made, will be powered by Land Rover’s 4.0-litre V8 and come with a high spec. Since the Plus 8's 1968 launch, more than 6,000 have been sold. 
All Plus 8s engines were based on the Buick 215, used in the 1961-63 Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Cutlass and Pontiac Tempest, then bought by Rover and used in its P5 and P6 saloons, and the original Range Rover.
The early Plus 8s used the 215 block (renamed the 3.5 L by Rover) with a compression of 10.5:1 fueled by two SU HS6 carburettors. In 1973, the compression was dropped to 9.25:1 and power dropped with it. However in 1976, the compression was increased to 9.35:1 when an improved version of the block developed for the Rover SD1 was adopted and after 1981 this was fueled by two Stromberg carburettors, and the power increased.
At the end of 1983, the company offered a EFI version using a Bosch L-Jetronic based system. With the added power (204 bhp) and low weight, the Plus 8 was, according to the magazine road tests of the day, able to best a Porsche up to 90 mph (140 km/h). In 1990, a 3.9 L version of the block was added using a Hitachi Hotwire injection system, common to LR Range Rovers.
In 1996, a 4.6 L version found its way into the car as an option still using the Hotwire system. From 2000, all Morgan Plus 8s were fueled by the GEMS system used on the Land Rover Discovery II.
Specifications. . Body : length/width/height/wheelbase – cm (in) : 396/160/122/249 (155.9/63/48/98); weight : 940 kg (2075 lbs). Engine : V8 3528 cc, front-mounted, 5-speed, manual, rear-wheel drive. Power : 190 bhp@4750 rpm. Top speed : 215 km/h (134 mph); 0-60 mph : 6,1 sec..

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