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Triumph TR 250 '68

Triumph TR 250 '68 (1968)

Reference ch004l
Make Triumph
Model TR 250 '68
Type cabrio
Construction year 1968
KM 65547 km
Cilinder displacement 2498
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
  • Delivered and built for the American market
  • Comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • Comes with a stack of invoices, a 2012 appraisal report, and a concise photo report
  • British prestige with an Italian tint


The Triumph TR5 is, as the name suggests, the fifth in a series that officially saw seven variants, not counting several subcategories. It was only built for a year, from the summer of 1967 to the autumn of 1968, yet it remains an essential British roadster in its purest form among the ranks of British roadsters.

The TR4, predecessor to the TR5, acquired Italian charisma thanks to its designer, the renowned Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, the man who, among other things, took charge of the design of the Spitfire and the Triumph Stag for Triumph, but also provided many services to Ferrari, Maserati, and Lancia. It must therefore be emphasized that the TR4 was already designed with great skill and thoughtfulness; therefore, the TR5 successor did not need to be drastically changed externally; the design was already a bullseye. In the front of the car, where the TR4 housed a four-cylinder inline engine, a more powerful powertrain was chosen for the TR5. A 2.5-liter inline-six engine producing 150 horsepower was installed, topped off by a fuel injection system that makes it sound and run extremely smoothly.

Different rules often apply to the American market, or there are different restrictions, and there is often competition from other players from different angles. Therefore, the TR5 also had to undergo some adjustments to be allowed and able to be sold in the United States. Triumph was therefore forced to modify the TR5, albeit relatively lightly: the fuel injection system had to be replaced by two carburetors. In essence, a minor adjustment, which nevertheless resulted in the American TR5 - better known as the 'TR250' - delivering 111 hp instead of the 150 hp of the regular variant.

In the single year that the TR5 and TR250 were built, this roadster still had success, with reportedly almost three thousand regular TR5 models manufactured and about 8,500 TR250 models.

Triumph TR250

The TR250, built exclusively for the American market, saw its original fuel injection system replaced by two carburetors, reducing power to a pleasant 111 hp.

Reportedly, there are still 600 examples worldwide, making it rare. British roadsters seem to be not only absolute must-haves but also always sustainable investments.

Technical information:

Body work

  • Length (cm): 390 (154 inch)
  • Width (cm): 147 (58 inch)
  • Height (cm): 117 (46 inch)
  • Wheelbase (cm): 224 (88 inch)
  • Weight (kg): 982 (2165 lbs)


  • Engine: 2498 cc straight-six front-engine
  • Valve gear: 12
  • Fuel system: 2 carburettors
  • Gear box: 4-speed manual
  • Transmission: RWD
  • Left-steered
  • power: 111 hp (83 kW) at 4500 t/m
  • torque: 194 Nm at 3000 t/m
  • Top speed: 190 km/h (118 mph)

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