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Mercedes-Benz 300SE Cabriolet White '65

Mercedes-Benz 300SE Cabriolet White '65 (1965)

Reference CH7503
Make Mercedes-Benz
Model 300SE Cabriolet White '65
Type cabrio
Construction year 1965
KM 15830
Cilinder displacement 2996
Gears automatic
Steering left hand drive


  • Owner has owned the car since 1997.
  • 2nd owner.
  • Belgian papers.
  • Total km (2) 15830.
  • Current owner bought the car at 165,000 km. Since then - / + 65000 km has been driven.
  • A lot of things have also been renewed in that period: new radiator, renewal of alternator, starter, water pump, engine, steering house, new veneer[Jan Vanpoucke:] /plywood, new carpets, leather interior, new spring bellows, new spring valves, new wheel bearings, new [Jan Vanpoucke:] fuel pump, etc ...
  • Original color.

The W112 and 112 Series were  produced from 1959 until 1968; the car was premiered at the Frankfurt Auto Show in autumn. Initially the series consisted of three models the 220b, 220Sb, and the 220SEb. These replaced the 219 W105, the 220S W180 and the 220SE W128 Ponton sedans respectively.  Powering the three cars was an identical 2195 cc straight-6 engine, carried over from the previous generation, producing 95 hp (71 kW) at 4800 rpm, and capable of accelerating the heavy car to 160 km/h (155 if fitted with optional automatic gearbox). The engine of the 220Sb with twin carburettors, produced 110 hp (82 kW) at 5000 rpm and raised the top speed to 165 km/h (103 mph) (160 km/h (99 mph)) and improved the 0-100 km/h acceleration to 15 seconds (16 on the 220b).

In 1961, the fintail range was filled with three new models, a simplified 4-cylinder W110, an identical, but fitted with a big-block 3 litre engine W112, and a 2-door coupe/cabriolet of the W111/W112 (see below).

In summer 1965, production was terminated in launch of the new Mercedes-Benz W108 sedan. A total production of each was: 220b - 69,691, 220Sb - 161,119, and 220SEb - 65,886. Earlier in May, Mercedes-Benz gave its budget-range W110 cars a major facelift and in doing so opted to continue producing the W111 as a new model 230S. Previously the W110 was separate in terms of marketing and was classed as a 4 instead of 6-cylinder, 1965 turned that around. Despite their visual differences the cars were practically identical in terms of chassis and drivetrain. In 1965 the W110 was equipped with a six-cylinder engine, creating the model 230. The 230S, became a flagship model of the Mercedes mid-range cars (predecessors to today's E-class).

The 230S was visually identical to the 220S, with a modernised 2306 cm³ M180 engine with twin Zenith carburettors producing 120 horsepower (89 kW) at 5400 rpm. Top speed 176 km/h (109 mph) (174 km/h (108 mph) on auto), acceleration 13 seconds (15 on auto). In this final configuration a total of 41,107 cars were built through January 1968 when the last of 4-door fintails left the production line. Between 1959 and 1968 a total of 337,803 W111s were built.


  • Bodywork
  • length/width/height/wheelbase – cm (in) : 488/180/145/275 (191.9/70.7/56.9/108.3); weight : 1520  kg (3355 lb).
  • Mechanics
  • Engine.  Front-mounted inline six 2996 cc (183 ci), 12 valves, Bosch injection,  3-speed automatic gearbox, rear-wheel drive.  Maximum power : 168 bhp @ 5000 rpm; maximum torque : 251 Nm @ 3800 rpm.  Top speed : 180 km/h (112 mph).
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