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Divey Triking '81

€ 18.950

Reference CH8119
Make Divey
Model Triking '81
Type cabrio
Construction year 1981
KM 13152 km
Cilinder displacement 949 cc
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
Price € 18.950

The Triking was introduced in 1979 in Norfolk (UK) by technical artist, Tony Divey. Being a  long term Morgan enthusiast he was inspired   by 3-wheeler Morgans and due to the high prices of the Morgans at the time decided to design and build his own car that would be in effect a modern Morgan. Tony Divey built his first car, the “Old Lady” as it became known, between February and September 1978 The vehicle was also road tested in a monthly motoring magazine. Whilst building the car, Tony Divey had several enquiries about making others, and decided to build ten to recoup his extensive costs. Unfortunately, as he himself says: 'I didn't have the sense to stop there!" The first production car, now in Germany,  was started in 1979. Trikings have fairly constantly developed over the years, but a major revamp was made in 1990 with chassis 100 being built. Divey redesigned the body and chassis with a new tubular front end, and a one piece fibreglass body with removable bonnets front and rear. Before this the Triking had alloy side panels and fibreglass bonnet, rear end and wings fixed to a steel space frame.  In addition to road use the Triking also has an extensive competition history, having competed in MCC Classic Trials continuously for 21 years. 'The old Lady' also has the distinction of being the only car to compete in all three classic trials, and the MCC Silverstone race meeting all in one year.  She has completed over 600,000 miles in that time! To date there have been 140 cars produced, with proud owners all over the world. A range of engines (Moto Guzzi) have been fitted, from 850cc to the latest 1100cc Daytona giving a power to weight ratio comparable to a Ferrari! There is also a 'Super light' racing version, and a supercharged example in existence




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