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Cadillac LaSalle 340 Cabriolet '30

Cadillac LaSalle 340 Cabriolet '30 (1930)

Reference CH9870
Make Cadillac
Model LaSalle 340 Cabriolet '30
Type cabrio
Construction year 1930
KM 80956 miles
Cilinder displacement 5571
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive
  • Beautiful Cadillac Lasalle in perfect condition.
  • Dutch papers + taxation report.
  • Owner has the car since 2003.
  • Rebuilt engine.
  • Synchronized gearbox, original luxury wire wheels, bodywork built by Fisher which is in perfect condition.
  • Red leather interior.
  • With 'buddy' seat.
  • Original chrome luggage rack with leather travel case, red dot fog lights, wide original Whitewalls, Extra chrome hub / wire wheels.
  • Unbeatable price in this category (top condition).
  • This model can be found at the most beautiful concours places on earth!

LaSalle was a brand of automobiles manufactured and marketed by GM'Cadillac division from 1927 through 1940. Alfred P. Sloan developed the concept for LaSalle and certain other General Motors' marques in order to fill pricing gaps he perceived in the General Motors product portfolio. Sloan created LaSalle as a companion marque for Cadillac. LaSalle automobiles were manufactured by Cadillac, but were priced lower than Cadillac-branded automobiles and were marketed as second-most prestigious marque in the General Motors portfolio.

Under the companion marque stragegy, the gap between the Chevrolet and the Oakland would be filled by a new marque named Pontiac, and the Lasalle filled the gap between Cadillac and Buick.

Built by Cadillac to its high standards, the LaSalle soon emerged as a trend-setting automobile. Earl was then placed in charge of overseeing the design of all of General Motors' vehicles.  Later, the Great Depression, combined with LaSalle's stalling sales' numbers, caused Cadillac to rethink its companion make. Both Buick and Oldsmobile had eliminated the Marquette and the Viking in 1930, their second model year. Cadillac also saw sales of its cars losing ground, as confirmed Cadillac buyers tried to trim pennies by buying the less expensive LaSalle. LaSalle sales also were falling, from a high of 22,691 models in 1929 to a low of 3,290 in 1932.

The final 1940 LaSalles were introduced in October 1939 with, as it had in its first year, a full array of semi-custom body styles, including a convertible sedan. Harley Earl also oversaw this redesign. The LaSalle emerged with a smooth-flowing design, its trademark thin radiator flanked by a series of thin chrome slots, giving it a futuristic look. In its final year sales of the LaSalle reached the second highest level ever at 24,133.


  • Wheelbase : 340 cm (134 in)
  • Weight : 4330 lb (1964 kg)
  • Engine : V8 5784 cc (353 cui), front-mounted
  • 1 carburetor
  • 95 hp at 3000 rpm
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