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Aston Martin Long 2.0 15/98 '37

Aston Martin  Long 2.0 15/98 '37 (1937)

Reference ch. 42LS
Make Aston Martin
Model Long 2.0 15/98 '37
Type berline
Construction year 1937
KM 34000
Cilinder displacement 1950
Gears manual
Steering right hand drive

 The 1936-1939 15/98--advertised for sale under the slogan, "Fast Luxury" and sometimes called the 2 Litre--represented a more civilized, grand touring-friendly form of Aston Martin.

The engine was the new 1,949-cc four-cylinder engine designed by longtime Aston engineer Claude Hill, it being a clean-sheet development that utilized some features of 1927's proven 1,492-cc 1 1/2 Litre, like a single overhead camshaft and two 1 1/4-inch SU HV2 carburetors. This engine gave the model its official name, with 15/98 indicating the standard car's taxable and actual horsepower. A total production run of 150 units was planned.

The 15/98 would be made in four distinct variants, keyed to three chassis lengths. The 102-inch Short Chassis Speed Model received a costly, racing-derived dry sump 105-hp version, along with hydraulic-actuated drum brakes and Aston Martin's proprietary non-synchromesh four-speed "crash" gearbox; this chassis and engine, in 110-hp form, were shared with the ultimate, streamlined 1938 C-Type Speed Model. The standard 99-inch Short Chassis variants--like their 116-inch Long Chassis counterparts--used a conventional wet sump 98-hp engine, mechanically actuated brakes and a Moss-supplied four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on second through fourth gears.

The Long Chassis Tourer sported 14 x 1 3/4-inch Lockheed drums behind 18-inch Rudge Whitworth spoke wheels, and its solid front and rear axles were suspended by semi-elliptic leaf springs. Changing one of those wheels for a spare was easy, using the standard Luvax four-wheel onboard jacking system, an upscale feature it shared with the contemporary Saloon and Drop Head Coupé.

  •  Specifications
  • Bodywork
  • Length: cm (in): 472 (186)
  • Width: cm (in): 165 (65)
  • Height: cm (in):
  • Wheelbase: cm (in): 294 (116)
  • Weight: kg (lb): 1422 (3135)
  • Mechanics.
  • Displacement: inline four 1950 cc (119 cu in), front-mounted
  • Valve gear: 8
  • Fuel system: 2 SU carburetors
  • Gearbox: 4-speed manual
  • Driven wheels: rear-wheel drive
  • Maximum power: 98 hp at 5000 rpm
  • Maximum torque:
  • Maximum speed: 138 km/h (87 mph)



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