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Austin Seven Chummy

Austin  Seven Chummy (1927)

Reference ch. 9143
Make Austin
Model Seven Chummy
Type cabrio
Construction year 1927
KM 59360
Cilinder displacement 700
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive

The Austin 7 was an economy car produced from 1922 until 1939 in the United Kingdom by the Austin Motor Company. Nicknamed the "Baby Austin", it was one of the most popular cars ever produced for the British market, and sold well abroad. It wiped out most other British small cars and cyclecars of the early 1920s; its effect on the British market was similar to that of the Model T Ford in the USA. It was also licensed and copied by companies all over the world. The very first BMW car, the BMW Dixi, was a licensed Austin 7, as were the original American Austins. In France they were made and sold as Rosengarts. In Japan Nissan also used the 7 design as the basis for their first cars, although not under licence.
Many Austin 7s were rebuilt as "specials" after the Second World War, including the first Lotus, the Lotus Mk1, which was based on an Austin 7.
Such was the power of the Austin 7 name that the company re-used it for early versions of the A30 in 1951 and Mini in 1959.

Length : cm (in): 270 (106.4)
Width : cm (in): 117 (46.2)
Height : cm (in): 159 (62.7)
Wheelbase : cm (in) : 191 (76)
Weight: kg (lb) : 420 (927)
Displacement : straight four 696 cc (42 ci) front -mounted
Valve gear : 8
Fuel system : 1 carburettor
Gearbox : 3 speed manual
Driven wheels : rear-wheel drive
Maximum power : 11 bhp at 2400 rpm
Top speed : 74 km/h (46 mph)


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