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Porsche VW 914 2.0 4cyl. Red

Porsche  VW 914 2.0 4cyl. Red (1971)

Make Porsche
Model VW 914 2.0 4cyl. Red
Type berline
Construction year 1971
KM 00732
Cilinder displacement 2000
Gears manual
Steering left hand drive

(from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)  The Porsche 914 or VW-Porsche 914 is a mid-engined, targa-topped two-seat roadster designed, manufactured and marketed collaboratively by Volkswagen and Porsche from 1969 to 1976.
By the late 1960s, both Volkswagen and Porsche were in need of new models; Porsche was looking for a replacement for their entry-level 912, and Volkswagen wanted a new range-topping sports coupe to replace the Karmann Ghia. At the time, the majority of Volkswagen's developmental work was handled by Porsche, part of a setup that dated back to Porsche's founding; Volkswagen needed to contract out one last project to Porsche to fulfill the contract, and decided to make this that project. Ferdinand Piëch, who was in charge of research and development at Porsche, was put in charge of the 914 project.
Originally intending to sell the vehicle with a flat four-cylinder engine as a Volkswagen and with a flat six-cylinder engine as a Porsche, Porsche decided during development that having Volkswagen and Porsche models sharing the same body would be risky for business in the American market, and convinced Volkswagen to allow them to sell both versions as Porsches in North America. Volkswagen versions originally featured an 80 hp (60 kW) fuel-injected 1.7 L flat-4 engine based on the Volkswagen air cooled engine. Porsche's 914/6 variant featured a carburated 110 hp (82 kW) 2.0 L flat-6 engine from the 1969 911T, placed amidships in front of a version of the 1969 911's "901" gearbox configured for a mid-engine car. Karmann manufactured the rolling chassis at their plant, completing Volkswagen production in-house or delivering versions to Porsche for their final assembly.
914/6 models used a similar suspension and brakes to the 911, giving superior handling and braking superiority over the 4-cylinder Volkswagen models along with higher power output. A Volkswagen-Porsche joint venture, Volkswagen of America, handled export to the U.S., where both versions were badged and sold as Porsches. The four-cylinder cars were sold as Volkswagen-Porsches at European Volkswagen dealerships.
Specifications. Body : length/width/height/wheelbase – cm (in) : 399/165/123/245 (156.9/65/48.4/96.5); weight : 960 kg (2119 lb).
Engine. Rear 4 cylinders 1971 cc (120 ci), 2 carbs, 5 speed manual, rear-wheel drive. Maximum power : 100 bhp @ 5000 rpm; torque : 157 Nm @ 3500 rpm. Top speed : 190 km/h (120 mph); 0-60 mph in 10.8 sec.

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