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What s the address?

Lobulckstraat 9 9880 Aalter Tel 0032 9 396 74 84

It s located two minutes of the highway E40 exit aalter At the highway exit, follow Deinze and turn in the Lobulckstraat after 3km s


What are the opening times?

Oldtimer farm will be open without interruption from 10 till 17:00 hours. Also on Sunday the 10th.


Are you open on Sunday?

Normally not, but for a special sale, we will be open from 10 till 17:00 hours


How many cars will there be for sale?

The sale includes a little bit more than 50 cars which are not online. All of them are affordable.

But while you visit our sale, you can also visit the other cars for sale in our showroom we have more than 300


Is this sale an auction ? 

No, this is not an auction. All cars have been inspected prior to the sale and this inspection report will be shared with potential buyers. All cars are priced the first one to offer the requested price can and will buy the car. cars are strictly sold as they stand and as seen but that doesn t mean buyers do not know what they are buying because apart from the inspection report prior to offering the requested price a visit and inspection on the lift is possible as well as a test drive, the requested prices are all below market value that element combined with the fact that the buyer will know what needs to be done on the car makes this sale so interesting.

Are the prices negotiable?

We did our best to advertise the cars at the lowest price possible. However, if you feel that even that is too high, you can make us an offer. We will consider your offer and come back to you after the sale. If there is no one else who bit the requested price


Do the cars need to be taken away immediately?

No, this might be a pop-up sale, but Oldtimerfarm provides storage which can be free in case of a purchase for the time needed by the buyer to come and collect.


Can you deliver the car to my home?

Yes, we can we deliver worldwide at cost.


When can I come? 

The sale starts Monday at 10 o clock the 4th of March and the off-line part will end Sunday, the 10th of March at 17:00 

The remaining unsold cars will be offered online starting 11th of March. of course you can come also the 10th to see all the cars for sale.

From the 11th the remaining cars will be put for sale online.


Can I visit the cars sitting in the wheelchair?

Of course, there is no discrimination at Oldtimerfarm and inside and around the buildings, everything is foreseen to be easy access, so a wheelchair should not be a problem.however, inside cars might be stored very close to each other which makes it difficult to get through. We apologise for that.


Can I bring my dog(s)?

Of course, as animal lovers, all dogs are welcome. Please consider that we also have our own dogs on the premises. well educated dogs can run freely outside in the grass and play with the other dogs present. Inside, we prefer to keep things, calm and dogs are preferably on the leash or very close to the owner.


Can i see, inspect and buy the other cars the Oldtimerfarm has for sale? 

Of course, all other cars are available for sale, priced and entrance is free.


Can i access and visit also if i don t want to buy immediately? 

Everybody is more than welcome to visit. There is no entrance price. There is no parking fee. There is no obligation to buy. The only thing we expect in return is a good mood, friendly people and respect for the cars and what we do.


Can i buy a car on the spot? 

Of course, the purpose of our sale is to sell the cars if you want to acquire one, you are more than welcome to do so you will get an order contract and you will be asked to pay down payment.


Do i have a retraction time when i block a car and stop the sale?

Once you decided to acquire a car take a reservation on it and stop the sale by signing a contract and paying down payment, the sale is final should you choose not to go through with the acquisition you lose your deposits


What is the deposit to block a car?

The minimum deposit to block a car is 500. We prefer for you to pay this by card. we can also accept this in cash, you will be asked to pay 15% of the value of the car immediately within 24 hours and remaining sum within four days.


How can I buy a car? 

If you are interested in one of the cars, you can ask one of our staff members to show it to you. We will put it on the list and possibly start and test drive it if you want to go through with the acquisition we will draw up a contract which formalises the sale, a down payment will be asked of you before signing the contract


Do i need to take it away immediately? 

No, we can keep the car for you for the defined period in time we can also propose our storage service to you for long-term storage


Can Oldtimerfarm store the car for me and at what cost?

The cost of storage is 75 per month. ex vat ex extra services


I am located out of Belgium, can I buy one of these cars and can you ship it to me? 

Yes, we can deliver to your doorstep at cost


What if the car arrives after i bought it and i don t like it anymore? 

Should you choose to purchase a car and later on come back to that decision you can always ask the team of Oldtimerfarm to sell the car again on your behalf.


What is the delivery time? 

Generally within Belgium cars are delivered within one week


Is there a make ready charge ? 

Nope, there is no extra charge. There is no extra costs. Cars will be sold at the low prices that they are advertised for in this special sale. They are also strictly sold as is an SC. That means if the battery is dead you will notice and we will not replace it before the delivery


Can you help me load the car on a trailer?

There s a huge responsibility that comes with loading cars. We are of course specialists and won t mind to advise on how to load a car but there can be no responsibility for the company or any of our team members. We have a small stock of straps that are available for sale for those who forget them at home or don t have the appropriate Material themselves.


When i visit can i sleep nearby? 

We can recommend a guestroom nearby


Can i park my trailer, truck, van or motorhome on the parking?

You are most welcome to visit with any vehicle, you like, we have plenty of facilities to park also overnight you park your trailer on our facilities overnight, you can come with the lorry or any vehicle you like, of course, there is no responsibility for whatever happens in our parking


Xavier Molenaar - phone


www.oldtimerfarm.be -  sales@oldtimerfarm.be - Skype : xaviermolenaar

Address  showroomLobulckstraat 9 9880 AALTER (B)

Legal Steenweg op Deinze 51C 9880 AALTER (B)

Open: from Tuesday till Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.Sundays and holidays closed. Monday strictly by appointment.
Languages: Nederlands, Francais, English, Deutsch, Italiano

More than 300 cars for sale in our showroom

Oldtimerfarm also sells your classic car.